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Welcome to The Reflective Practitioner website, which builds on my 25 years of experience as a consultant to offer support to consultants and other professionals who aspire to mastery and are attracted to reflection on their practice as a means of attaining it.

Grady McGonagill

  • How can I move beyond competence to mastery?
  • How can I consistently be effective in the moment?
  • How can I create a practice that is a natural expression of who I am?

If you would like to systematically explore these questions, I invite you to join me and other seasoned practitioners on a journey that could transform your work and your life.

Professional Mastery Through Model Building

Professionals who rely on intuition and reflect on their work only episodically risk accumulating unintegrated clusters of habitual practice. They may develop to a level of competence but not beyond.

How can you move beyond competence to achieve true professional mastery? One path lies in building a model of your practice. This involves identifying the work you are most passionate about, the practices that lead to your highest performance, and the aspects of your personal shadow that can get in your way. This path is not easy. It requires the courage to look at your shadow as well as your strengths, a willingness to question habitual assumptions, and the discipline to systematically review your practices and underlying beliefs. If you commit to doing this work, you can:

  • generate insight into what accounts for both your successes and your failures
  • identify the limits of your current model and opportunities for new areas of growth
  • experience renewed alignment of your work with what you most value

This website takes its name from The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action, by Donald Schön (Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, 1983). Schön’s work has been a significant influence on my professional practice and on the offerings of this website.

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